Escape from Woomera docu-game


Woomera, the most publicised of the Australian detention camps, was closed down in April 2003. But many remain or are being replaced by ‘improved’ security camps. This Half-Life mod is near to public release, and highlights the horrendous conditions of illegal immigrants and camp detainers in the growing documentary game genre.

Escape from Woomera site | MPEG (7.2M)

“By basing the game on the perpetration of illegal activities, such as locking up people without trial, aren’t you inciting governments to break the law?” Fortunately for those worried that the game would encourage refugees to break out of detention, or would incite governments around the world to break international law and defy UN conventions, these ideas show a real ignorance about the nature of videogames. Giving a player agency within a fictional game world – allowing them to make decisions and act out roles – is not at all the same as incitement or advocacy.”
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Further discussion on use of gaming mods as documentary/narrative exploration in the upcoming End of Celluloid book.

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