Franz Ferdinand Dadaist music video

Jonas Odell follows his distinctive 60s tinged montaged Goldfrapp animated video with another graphically-saturated winner. Take me out is inspired by Dadaist imagery, Victorian automata, and Hollywood musicals.

Take me out | Strict machine
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Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out music video:
Nexus Productions | Domino records QT stream | Video-C QT clip.

From Video-C:

“Following on from recent Goldfrapp success with Strict Machine, Jonas Odell has directed a Dadaist inspired photographic montage for rising star at Domino, Franz Ferdinand.

Created in a graphic collage style, the video is reminiscent of the Dadaist and constructivist photomontages of the early 20th century. The promo features abstract elements referencing the cinema experiments of Viking Eggeling/Hans Richter throughout.

The video develops from a straightforward performance piece in the earlier part of the song to an Haussman style collaged version of the band including animations of instruments composited with other imagery including Busby Berkeley style choreography of mechanical machines.

Commissioned by John Moule for Domino, Franz Ferdinand all ex-students from Glasgow School of Art, had detailed discussions with Jonas concerning artistic references for which they shared an interest.

“The band referenced a lot of artists and groups of the DADA movement, and all this is stuff that I always loved, but never found a chance to incorporate in a project, so naturally this was a dream project to work on. I dived headlong into the sea of art history and emerged at the other side soaked in references, trying to figure out ways of turning this into a contemporary piece”.”

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