Hollywood blinded by digital cinema

On the eve of the world taking up digital cinema circuits Hollywood is still resisting a digital future. Some timely links on the subject:

» JD’s New Media Musings: Hollywood resisting a digital future

» Digital Screen Network – UK Film Council

» Financial Times article in the NY Times:
Digital Cinema’s Costs Divide the Film World. To many, especially the big Hollywood studios, digital projection in theaters is a solution looking for a problem.

Digital Cinema’s Costs Divide the Film World By ALAN CANE, FT.com

“[currently]… there are about 175 D-cinema screens in 154 sites world-wide, or about 0.1 per cent of the global total of 150,000 screens.”

“The UK is planning to add significantly to that total through a UK Film Council initiative which will see millions of pounds of lottery cash spent on establishing 250 digital screens in 150 cinemas across the country.”

»» 23 digital screens in the whole of Europe at present.
»» This year Microsoft will equip 177 screens in the U.S.
»» Currently the US has 84 digital screens]
»» UK Film council plan 150 cinemas to house 250 screens using a digital virtual projection network

As highlighted in the Guardian and the CS Monitor , Brazil could beat them all to the get-go with a 100+ digital cinema network by May, 2004.

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