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cctv faceless project

Faceless is an ongoing film project, a CCTV sci-fi thriller directed by Manu.Luksch as part of the Spy School project by ambienttv.net. It uses acquired surveillance footage of the actor, filmed using public CCTV footage. This footage is then edited and effects added to create the finished film.

Faceless is in the late first wave of films using public imaging devices. 2004 should see us enter this second wave with the increasing ubiquity of public video devices.

Website synopsis:

One morning, while roaming the streets, the protagonist (MaNu) is stunned into the realization that everyone around her is faceless – they have literally lost their faces (which have been replaced by gaping black holes), and with them, their individual characters, personalities, and even their sense of personhood. As she comprehends the ubiquity and tragedy of this facelessness, so MaNu becomes determined to discover its cause. Will she unveil the culprits – and, perhaps, too, the victims – or will she herself succumb to the common fate?

FACELESS 01: the apparition premiered at the ONUFRI Contemporary Art Show, December 2003.

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