PixelACHE Festival 2004

pixelACHE2004, the determinedly uncompromising and uncommercial electronic arts festival is just about to start a second leg in Helsinki, after warming up in Stockholm. Following from last years focus on VJing, 2004 sees moving image environments and architectures in the spotlight.

PixelACHE 2004 festival: Stockholm, 26-28 March 2004 / Helsinki, 1-4 April 2004


From website:

“Interactive furniture * Singing Bridges * Locative media workshop * Open source architecture * Sound in public space * Stop Motion Studies * Weathermatrix * Aether architects * Live action kung-fu game * BrandBody 2.0 * TRyPTiCHON * Oil Hazard pin ball game * AmbientTV.net * Mini Gallery * Modern Talking * Abnormal audio * Trash tech workshop * Aquatic * Zelabo VJs

PixelACHE is an annual festival of electronic art, design and technology. The theme for this year is Audiovisual architecture, experimenting with the border between the digital domain and the physical world.

PixelACHE Festival 2004 goes on for 10 days, starting in Stockholm and continuing in Helsinki.

PixelACHE 2004 will premiere Gray Zone: Weathermatrix, an audiovisual performance by the Finnish artist/musician group CNCD. The performance utilizes a vast amount of material gathered from a network of weather surveillance cameras around Finland. The material is used to create journeys across different weathers and seasons.”

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