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The latest work from Pleix is an indirect elegy to 9-11. Subtle use of motion graphics and compositing in this music video for a Kid 606 release on Mille Plateaux showcase this French collectives versatility. Previous work for Futureshock and Plaid are more shout-out effects driven, but the plaintive tone of Sometimes with its gracefully exploding skyscraper, unhurried editing and understated angles (witness the shadows of the geometric debris falling past concrete walls) is a fitting motion sculpture and memorial to the WTC disaster. As the virtual shards recombine as the video ends we are left with an answer to a complex equation of human motivations that offers grace and hope.

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  1. December 6

    Pleix accelerate with Pontiac

    Pleix have been quiet on the promo front while while concentrating on breaking into the lucrative car commercial market. After their exquisite re-appropriation of their own Sometimes video for Audi, they’ve more recently been working on the Worlds c…

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