New Steamboy trailer

Latest trailer available for the much-anticipated masterpiece by virtuoso animé director, Katsuhiro Otomo:

Official site | Trailer [QT 16.1M]

Steamboy is the next feature film by Katsuhiro Otomo. This much-delayed movie, originally dated for release in October 2003, is to be released mid-July, 2004 in Japan.

The most expensive anime film ever made at 2.4 billion Yen, Steamboy has involved over 180,000 drawings, 400 CG scenes and 9 long years of production,. The scenario revolves around Rei, a young British inventor in the mid-19th century, just before the first ever World Expo. He receives a packet from his grandfather Roid from the US which contains a revolutionary machine that works with a new form of energy. The malevolent Ohara organisation attempt to steal the device for their own ends.

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