PSX-PS3-PSP synergies

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Latest news emerging on Sony hardware plans bring together more details of how their ‘ubiquitous network strategy’ will play out with their new hardware. News emerging from controversial remarks by SCEE President David Reeves includes:

  • Two versions of PS3: Home Server version nearer to PSX functionality, including hard drive, stripped down Games machine for hardcore next-gen gamers.
  • PSP titles to be region-free, but UMD movies likely to include additional functionality
  • Integral broadband distribution highlights Sony’s commitment to downloadable game and add-ons strategy. With direct online purchase, Sony’s price flexibility on gaming products will be increased.
  • Additional sources suggest Wi-fi functionality will be built into PSP rather than Bluetooth, to open up wider possibilities of direct connection and multi-player capabilities between PSPs, PS3 and outside ‘wireless hotspots’.

If these elements come together the opportunity to create a variety of seamless cross-platform moving image/gaming experiences opens up to content creators, and fuels viewer/user flexibility for content use, and roaming gameplay.
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