Resfest 2004 line-up


RESFEST 2004 tour dates and programme line-up are announced for the new season of touring for this slick showcase of digital film and music videos. With a more comprehensive short film programme than ever before the Resfest programme signals the strengthening of the short form due to the ubiquity of digital film tools, and graduation of further motion graphics pieces and animation talent from music videos into drama.

    RESFEST 2004 programmes:

  • Resfest Shorts #1: State of the art storytelling, mixing live action, animation and graphics, includes JoJo In The Stars by Marc Craste, The Mood by Fredrik Bond and Oedipus by Jason Wishnow
  • Resfest Shorts #2: Humour-oriented shorts dashed with visual flourishes, includes Stefan Nadelman’s One Step Ahead.
  • Resfest Shorts #3: Short vignettes and slice-of-life portraits from directors such as Bob Sabiston (Grasshopper), Cheryl Dunn (Bicycle Gangs of New York), and Shari Roman (ADM: DOP, on famed cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle)
  • Bushwacked: U.S. Election-year inspired culture-jamming hijinks from Michael Moore in Boom, Hall & Hoffman’s Pinocchio, Closer by GNN and Resfest old-timer Eric Henry’s Pirates and Emperors (Or, Size Does Matter)
  • By Design: Broadcast design and motion graphics at their best with a stellar line-up which includes Logan, Plus et Plus, Tronic, Nakd, Justin Harder, Tim Hope, to name a few
  • Cinema Electronica: Instant-classic electronic music videos from Air (Laurent Bourdoseau), Futureshock (Ne-O), The Streets (Dougal Wilson), Laurent Briet (Rex the Dog), Faultline (Vernie Yeung), Hexstatic
  • Videos That Rock: Guitar-fuelled rock visuals featuring the music of Steriogram (Michel Gondry), Ikara Colt (Woof Ban Wau), Beta Band (MacLean & Jones), Muse (Ark), Mum (Marc Craste)
  • Shynola Rarities: Top British music video directing group showcased with their work from early Quannum and UNKLE to newer Queens of the Stone Age and Blur promos
  • Jonathan Glazer Retrospective: Having succesfully segued his memorable music video work into features (Sexy Beast, and the upcoming Birth), UK director Glazer has his first major retrospective of videos for a U.S. audience (including legendary work such as UNKLE’s Rabbit In Your Headlights and Radiohead’s Street Spirit)
  • Feature film: the line-up is topped out with the long-form Sprout by Thomas Campbell

Touring this year is set to include: NYC, Boston, SF, London, Sheffield, Austin, Los Angeles, Glasgow, Bristol, Toronto, Singapore, Washington DC, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Nottingham, Seoul, Tokyo, Zurich, Cape Town, Osaka, Johannesburg, Chicago, Fukuoka, Melbourne, Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona, Valladolid, Vigo, Victoria, Sydney, Istanbul.

Find the complete list of up to date tour dates at RESFEST 2004 official site.

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