Cimatics 04 AV festival

The catchily-titled 2004 Cimatics International Festival for live audiovisual arts and vj’ing is underway, in Brussels. It features a host of VJ and live cinema performances, between 25-31 October.

Highlights include Austrians Crossing, on the Vidok collective’s travelling movies; a live cinema performance using VJ tools to create a narrative work by Exparts; international artist performances from Jeffers Egan, Milycon/EN, and Skoltz_Kolgen; and demos including Resolume video performance software, and the Pioneer DJV-X1 VJ deck.

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  1. November 1

    Cimatics 04

    Brussels International Festival for Live Audio Visual Arts & Vj’ing. The Cimatics festival focusses on new artists that experiment with the interaction of diverse audio and visual media. Cimatics shows the different aspects of a generation of contempor…

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