Cutting Nokia Shorts 2004 down to size

Why is Nokia Shorts 2004 actually a ‘short film competition’ rather than one dealing with mobile film or chaku motion? Even more confounding, these shorts, apparently made specifically to be played via mobile phone, aren’t even going to be available for download onto them (according to The Guardian). Instead they are to be screened at October’s Raindance film festival, and via the official Nokia Shorts site. Whatever the ins and outs of another short film competition – one in which the sponsoring product, the Nokia 7610, is arguably more interesting than this ‘me-too’ marketing exercise (thankfully Nokia have some more interesting marketing on the horizon) – at least a couple of the 2004 finalists for the latest Nokia Shorts go beyond traditional film festival fodder.

Joe Berger | Stephen Prestage

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  • Please do not put any ducks in the chute / D. John Burns
    Irreverent, obtuse moral masterpiece?

  • La Descente / D. Alex Kirkland & Stephen Scott-Hayward
    Existentialism takes a fall.

  • Have I Passed? / D. Jason Fairley
    Features a classic short-film visual twist.

  • Not Long Now / D. Joe Berger
    The ennui of a train journey with child. Stand-out short.

  • Water Baby / D. Shane Davey
    Refreshing liquid world.

  • Han_man / D. Simon Ratigan
    Sharp shock short.

  • 15 Seconds of Fame / D. Do’wan Ahmet
    Sly commentary or Loaded homily?

  • Brief Encounters / D. Alison Edgar
    Beyond the cliched title, lies… nothing.

  • Egg Scape / D. Marc Hutchings
    Classic animated short scenario, made in Eastern Europe a few decades ago?

  • Enjoy the film / D. Stephen Prestage
    Taking a shot at the MPAA. Recommended

  • Watch them at: Nokia Shorts 2004

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