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Dougal Wilson Hard-Fi Dougal Wilson Hard-Fi

Been a while but Dougal Wilson’s new music video, Cash Machine for Hard-Fi continues his love of constructing quirky contemporary tales. Despite the murky colour palette, this is a lightly whimsical take on receiving those ‘No funds available’ messages in the corner ATM. In Wilson’s world a whole Lilliputian workforce is hard at it behind the facade creating the banknotes ready to be delivered.

Although I’m not a great fan of the song, the lead vocalist has a hard-edged look that matches the grit of the video. And while some reaction has been muted to Wilson’s darker tale, I prefer this latest MV compared to the award-garnering, technically innovative Dizzee Rascal of recent history. The flight of lo-fi fancy behind the ‘high tech’ Automatic Teller reminds me of something Michel Gondry might have sketched out.

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  1. Jay
    December 1

    No, I prefer his lighter, multi colored stuff. Lost it with this one.

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