Best moving image of 2005 shortlisting

I’ve finally drawn up final categories and shortlist for the ‘advanced moving image’ that I think has been the most exciting for the year. In hindsight I should have done the shortlist first. But the comments on this post helped coalesce things and bring it down to a neat ten listing: ‘Deciding the best moving image of 2005‘.

  1. Best digital film
  2. Best music video
  3. Best machinima
  4. Most innovative in video gaming
  5. Best motion graphics
  6. Best interactive/installation
  7. Best live visuals by a VJ/generative filmmaker
  8. Best product
  9. MVP (Most valuable 2005 contribution from the above areas)
  10. Breakthrough artist of the year

Each category shortlist should now come thick and fast. Hopefully the auto-posting should work…

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  1. December 21

    Best digital films of 2005

    Having immersed myself in visual effects advancements for the Sci-Fi Moviescapes book, I was impressed this year saw an amazing variety of digital films from the subtle to the all-out showy. So I’ve got six rather than five nominees.

    Best digital fil…

  2. December 21

    Best music videos of 2005

    Best music videos of 2005:

    Beck E-Pro by Shynola
    Carpark North Human by Martin de Thurah
    Hifana Wamona by +Cruz/W+KT Lab
    LCD Soundsystem Tribulations by Dougal Wilson
    White Stripes The Denial Twist by Michel Gondry
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  3. December 23

    Most innovative in video gaming 2005

    The creators still pushing the videogame out of the comfort zone:

    Lumines by Tetsuya Mizuguchi / Q Entertainment
    Resident Evil 4 by Shinji Mikami / Capcom
    The Movies by Peter Molyneux / Lionhead
    Shadow of the Colossus by Fumito Ueda /…

  4. December 28

    Best visuals by a VJ/generative filmmaker

    From the ultra-minimalist, to the maximalist, the spontaneous and the ultra-considered:

    Addictive TV
    Eclectic Method
    Karl Kliem

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