Best digital film 2005 Winner

My winner for Best digital film of 2005 was a close call between Immortel and Sin City.

Sin City Immortel

I love the mix of virtual actors (vactors!) using machinima-like animation with photoreal settings in Immortel, and the awesome art direction and take on an alternate Manhattan. But in the end the stylistic impact of Sin City wins through. Rodriguez migrates Sin City’s visuals from Frank Miller’s comic book in a vital cinematic style that is non-naturalistic but ultra-real.

Best digital film 2005 Winner: Sin City

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  1. Hylton
    February 17

    I absolutely agree with you. It packs a real visceral punch! What about best mainstream movie of 2005? I’m caught between Walk the Line and The Woodsman. Best ever? No argument – The Thin Red Line.

  2. Matt.
    March 16

    Best mainstream for me last year was Batman Begins: Christopher Nolan warping the superhero action blockbuster to something far more atmospheric. Also looking forward to seeing the 2005 films Cache (by Haneke), and Malick’s The New World.

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