Bugging out with Chris Milk

Here’s the five favourite music videos (from the last five years) Chris chose while I was conducting the music video book interview:

  • Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug
  • Radiohead – Street spirit
  • Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity
  • Lucas – Lucas with the lid off
  • Bjork – All is full of love

Chris Milk has a chameleon-like nature. You can’t predict the look and feel of his next video. The way he embraces this variety is also evident from the clips he’s chosen.

“It’s not that I don’t like performance videos; I just can’t come up with any that I think will be compelling for four minutes. I wish I could, it would make my life so much easier. I over-compensate by writing over-complicated narratives.”

It was fantastic to feature him in the latest book because of the richness of these narrative ideas which he’s brought into all of his videos. One that got away, but would have been great to feature is his latest for Gnarls Barkley: Gone Daddy Gone features a group of perverted singing bugs skirtchasing a domestic goddess. With an audacious wink to Fight Club Milk interjects into proceedings the best insect-sex fantasy dream sequence I recall seeing…

Gnarls Barkley Gone Daddy Gone

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