Tekkon Kinkreet soars into view

The trailer is out for Tekkon Kinkreet, an astounding feature long in development (I remember programming the European debut of the original pilot featurette at an early onedotzero film festival). The pilot was originally directed by Koji Morimoto, but Michael Arias has taken over directing duties on this one for Studio 4°C. Michael was really helpful with providing visuals for this and Morimoto’s amazing Soundman Noise Insect for The End of Celluloid book. Feature promises to have breathtaking animated action, with great soundtrack from Warp artists, Plaid.

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  1. Chris J.
    November 3

    I’ve been trying to find the original pilot for Tekkon Kinkreet for years. Does anyone know if it exists online?

  2. Matt.
    November 3

    I have it on tape! ;) I haven’t checked to see if it’s in digital form though, but it rocks… sorry that’s no immediate help, but I will do a follow up post if I can cast some light on the matter…

  3. Chris J.
    November 3

    Ironically, I was practically surrounded by tapes of the pilot back when I worked at Softimage (1997-2000). And about once a year since leaving, I’ve done some searching, but have come up empty. So your post is about as close as I’ve come!

    Let me know if you find anything else out about a digital version.


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