Netmage 07 Electronic Arts of Italy

Netmage 07 (Creative and Innovative images on art, media, communication. International festival). Seventh edition of this increasingly solid Italian event features Eyerophany, a project by Emiliano Montanari (I) performed by David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, Enrico Ghezzi, Asja Bettin, Trentemøller feat. dj T.O.M, and shortcircuits with Thomas Pynchon, Paul Virilio, Hideo Kojima and others. Also: multi-media design, live media acts and cutting-edge style, by video-makers, multi-media and visual artists, musicians and performers from Europe, South and North America, Australia and Japan

  • Dates: Bologna 25-27 January 2007, Ferrara, 2 February 2007

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