The graphic attractions of Destination Sex City

Destination Sex City
If like me you prefer to leave certain things to the imagination, favouring the erotic rather than the pornographic, then Destination Sex City is a DVD to check out.

A compilation of nine short erotic films that fuse animation, art, graphic design and pornography into a visual indulgence unlike any other. Stylishly designed and packaged to please the most discerning buyer/collector of haute pornography.

Sex City recalls the French Impressionist’s love of shape and color, as well as the Modernist fascination for the body’s place within our technological society. As as result, Destination Sex City’s Style is utterly new, blasting stale sexual stereotypes to promote a new, devastating sexiness for the 21st century.

The short animations explode with a lavish array of influences, imaginative effects and saucy humour. Clips like Zombie Lust suggest a knowingness that is a cut above most visual projects in general. Others reference high points of 60s erotic illustrations, Elixier Erotique has a Barbarella-sexiness to it, while Sexwave evokes the experimentalism of Dadaist artworks.

DSC is an art project with impeccable credentials, and shrouded in some little mystery. “In keeping with the tradition of erotica, the creator of Sex City remains anonymous.” I think there’s some trademark looks peppering the compilation that are ‘tells’ for exactly which high-profile, pop-culture savvy director might actually be behind this.

You can buy the DVD from Amazon (NTSC only), or download iPod-ready clips — purely to research the exquisite motionography of course — from the site.

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