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  1. December 17

    Hey thanks for the nod Matt. This video was my first, and with most firsts, one looks back on them with pride, but also with a hyper-awareness of all the new knowledge (technical and otherwise) that one now has that could have made that first so much stronger!

    Anyway, really pleased you identified it, and enjoyed the quasi-educational angle. It was a lot of fun to produce – working on a new video for Sans Soleil now, so stay tuned.

    Keep up the great blog.


  2. December 17

    You’re the author of Sci-Fi Moviecapes! Fantatasic! I’ve been interested in this book for a couple of years, having seen an ad for it in American Cinematographer. Now that I’ve “met” the author, I’ll pick it as a personal Christmas present!
    Can’t wait.


  3. December 17

    Thanks, JH. At the moment just using the blog for brief notes, as not ‘actively researching’ another moving image book at the moment.

    Hope you enjoy the book — if you get it would be interested in your commments! — you probably have/have seen the Motion Blur book I worked on as my last project at onedotzero if you are into motion design. If not, it might be a fun browse for you…

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