Coulrophobic time-slice Carousel

Philips’ new fermata vid fizzes.

Our societal Coulrophobia–the fear of clowns–continues around the Carousel, an epic maximalist time-slice short from Adam Berg to showcase Philips new Cinema 21:9 televisions. Distilling a modish SWAT team/clown melĂ©e (reminiscent of Batman: The Dark Knight, and reminding me of John Woo’s Hard Boiled), this showcase short offers a masterclass in sensationalist micro-cinema.

Even more impressive is the smoothly executed Philips micro-site which has an interactive video that includes embedded hotspots where the director, DoP, and VFX supervisor give insights into the production.

Time slice has been around for a while, but Berg manages to make it so much more than a technical demonstration. Kudos must go to Philips for being far-sighted enough to not craft naff branding into the piece, letting it stand in its own right, and so take the reflected glory from the fine execution.

More info at Stink.

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