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The RESFEST 2005 awards were announced last night, at the RESFEST monthly screening at the Egyptian Theatre, LA on December 13th.

The full list is outlined below. Congratulations to the winners.

I must say I find the audience awards more compelling than the Jury prizes which seem very against my own personal taste. Just as well Jonathan (festival director) didn’t ask me to participate this year!

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I’m preparing an unscientific list of the best moving image of the year. The criteria being impact, innovation, inventiveness and all-round visual awesomeness. It might help if it has a clever, or at least a capsule narrative, too!

I am often accused of having an over-analytical nature, and to confirm this I’m first musing on the categories I should include. This is a start:

  1. Best digital film
  2. Best music video
  3. Best machinima
  4. Best motion graphics
  5. Best mobile viewing
  6. Most innovative in video gaming
  7. Best interactive/installation
  8. Best VJ/live visuals
  9. Best generative/realtime film
  10. Best software/hardware
  11. MVP (Most valuable 2005 contribution from the above areas)
  12. Breakthrough artist of the year

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