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The RESFEST 2005 awards were announced last night, at the RESFEST monthly screening at the Egyptian Theatre, LA on December 13th.

The full list is outlined below. Congratulations to the winners.

I must say I find the audience awards more compelling than the Jury prizes which seem very against my own personal taste. Just as well Jonathan (festival director) didn’t ask me to participate this year!

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Whether you call them VJs (the old-school video jockey, which mainstreamers invariably confuse with MTV presenters), or DJs (new-styled digital jockeys, illustrating the move away from simply remixing analog sources such as tape and slide projection), DJ Magazine recently released a great list of the top 20 best VJs of 2005.

I’m glad to see personal favourites and old friends featured, including Stu and Robin of Hexstatic taking the top spot, and The Light Surgeons also in the top five.

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