BAFTA Interactive festival + awards

BAFTA interactive festival takes place at their Piccadilly, London HQ on 17-18 February, 2004.

Features events on interactive storytelling, and the fusion of computer games and movies. Including interactive awards on February 19, and Games awards on February 25.

17 Feb
Legal/Rights Masterclass – THE IPR MINEFIELD
with Peter Weinand (Fully Booked)
Bookable *RRST

17 Feb
The DVD Dream
10.30 *PAT

17 Feb
Scoring Interactive Music For Videogames
15.00 *PAT

17 Feb
The Future Of Sound (Part One)
19.00 *PAT

18 Feb
Computer Games Meet The Film Industry In Lionhead’s The Movies
10.30 *DLR

18 Feb
Translating Television IP To Videogames
11.00 *PAT

18 Feb
14.00 *DLR

18 Feb
What’s the Story?
15.00 *PAT

18 Feb

Electronic Arts @ BAFTA: Film to Game Convergence
18.30 *PAT

19 Feb

Macromedia Masterclasses
10.30 & 11.30 *RRS

19 Feb
Be Very Afraid:
Digital Creativity at Primary, Secondary, Further and Tertiary.
10.00 *DLR

19 Feb
BAFTA Interactive Awards

• Online Factual
-The best use of the Internet to deliver factual information-
• Offline Factual
-The most imaginative and effective use of offline interactivity to explore the factual world-
• Online Entertainment
-The best use of the Internet to deliver an experience aimed at pure entertainment

• Interactive Arts Installation
-The best installation by artists working with interactive digital media-
• Interactive Arts
-The best screen-based work by artists working with interactive digital media-
• Online Learning
-The most effective use of the Internet for learning in the broadest sense. For products aimed at audiences of all ages-

• Offline Learning
-The most effective use of offline interactive media for learning in the broadest sense. For products aimed at audiences of all ages- 

• Interactive TV
-The most creative and effective use of Interactive TV across any genre or digital platform-

-The best enhancement of linear media and integration of interactive elements on DVD. For products including Film, TV, Music Videos etc. (DVD Video)-

• Film/TV Website
-Rewarded for the most creative and entertaining TV or Film website-

• Technical Innovation
-The best technical innovation of any kind applied to interactive entertainment (any platform)-
• Design
-The best use of design, interface or look and feel, of an interactive entertainment work (on or offline)-

20 Feb
18.30 *PAT

25 Feb
BAFTA Games Awards
Potrtman W1

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