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While creating the first machinima-based music video for Zero 7 (directed by Tommy Pallotta) Fountainhead Entertainment continue to push the boundaries of the form in unexpected directions with their recent short Anna, where not a robot or fragfest is in sight.

anna short zero7 waiting line
Anna | Zero7 / In the waiting line

Anna showcases a stunning use of light and shade. With expert renderings of organic forms, it has a refreshingly simple set-up and offers a case study in dramatic use of music, coupled with sparse effects and limited animation to evoke mood and curiosity.

“Made in Fountainhead Entertainment’s Quake III-based Machinimation, this is Quake III as you’ve never seen it, showing the power of what is, now, a fairly old engine. Anna is the story of a single flower’s life, from birth to – well, I won’t spoil it for you. Resembling nothing so much as a Hans Christian Anderson story come to life, it combines a Burtonesque Gothic fairytale sensibility with simply beautiful artwork and a surprisingly subtle story.”
[Excerpt from full feature]

PlanetQuake download and mirrors. (55M)

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