E3 digital game art/update

Put it on your watch list: This years E3 is just over a month away and promises to be the most intriguing in terms of next-gen entertainment announcements for a while, as the latest console iterations are firmed up, and developers are at the height of exploiting the current models. Attendees must register by April 9.

E3 Expo: May 12-14, 2004 | E3 Conference Program: May 11-13, 2004 | E3 Insider
Of particular interest in the Conference programme: Sustaining a Virtual World, Social Systems in Online Games, Surviving as an Independent Studio.

In association with the LA County Museum of Art, E3 will also premiere the Into the Pixel digital game art exhibition. Unfortunately this Arts expo & exhibition seems to be modelled on hopelessly retrograde and old-media principles. No interactivity or installations in sight so far…


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