N-EO Ken Ishii music video

NE-O, fresh from being being featured in Dazed&Confused as among the “six best promo directors in Europe” (the other namechecks being Pleix, Lynn Fox, Alex & Martin, Dougal Wilson, and Daniel Levi), are among the luminaries present on Ken Ishii’s new DVD.

The Visionary World video is already gaining eyeplay at moving image festivals around the world. Evoking a supercool retro-futurist reality straight out of a 60s architectural manifesto (think Archigram animated, crossed with the sci-fi illustrations from the books you read as a child), NE-O are going from strength to strength. Higher profile videos should beckon imminently.

eg_neovisworld11.jpg eg_neovisworld12.jpg

eg_neovisworld13.jpg eg_neovisworld14.jpg

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