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Tokyo Godfathers is the most recent animé feature film by Satoshi Kon of Perfect Blue fame, noted for psychologically complex plots and subtle animation. The Film received an award for excellence at the Media Arts Plaza Museum -2003 (7th) Media Arts Festival and will be available from April 13, 2004 on Region 1 DVD.


Tokyo Godfathers trailers: High (6.5M) | Medium (3.1M) | Low (1M) | TG Japan site

Three homeless people—Gin, a former professional bicycle racer; Hana, a transvestite; and Miyuki, a runaway young girl—are living together in Shinjuku, Tokyo. On Christmas Eve, the three discover a baby girl at a garbage dump. They head for the brighter parts of the city where people are enjoying holiday festivities, looking for the baby’s parents. Their encounters with various people result in adventures that force each of the trio to confront his or her own life, which they’ve almost thrown away. “Tokyo Godfathers” reveals how a series of apparently insignificant events can turn dramatically for anyone, even three homeless people trying to maintain their dignity under unfortunate circumstances.


Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment release:

From the highly acclaimed animé director Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress) comes the story of a Christmas miracle in Tokyo! A homeless trio consisting of an alcoholic, an ex-drag queen, and a runaway girl rediscovers love for their family and hope for their lives through a series of unexpected events when they discover an abandoned baby.

Region 1 DVD release of Tokyo Godfathers for 13th April 2004 with a retail price of $26.96.

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