DigiFusion’s seamless pPVR

Tech Digest highlights UK newcomer DigiFusion who are continuing to introduce accessible and no-nonsense innovation into their moving image products. Their new pPVR sports a 3.5 inch screen and 20 Gig storage (enough to hold 40 hours of video), but most significantly can transfer video direct from their other products, cutting out the usual link to the PC. If they smarten up their product and interface design, this type of joined-up thinking could start making significant inroads into this nascent area.

“The trouble with some personal video players (upcoming Sony and Samsung/Creative Labs models spring to mind) is that video can only be transferred to their hard disk via a PC.

Not so the PVR from newbies to the Brit consumer electronics arena Fusion. It can apparently hook up to a Fusion digital TV decoder or hard disk based recorder to record live footage or transfer recorded video.
[Source: Tech Digest: Digital TV ready PVR]

Full press release: DigiFusion pPVR

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