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Mindgame is Studio 4°C’s latest transcendental animation. The studio is headed up by producer Koji Morimoto, who made his name directing a section of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Memories (Magnetic Rose was one of three films making up the feature), and recently with his accomplished Animatrix short, Beyond. Studio 4°C’s latest release though has been directed by Masaaki Yuasa. It is a surreal feature film based on the Robin Nishi manga. The director has blended a coruscating blend of animation styles in this original animated feature. He fuses stop-motion animated live action heads onto bizarrely drawn bodies, mixing extreme caricature faces and contorted bodies which flip between humour and violence. Primary-coloured cartoon realities edge next to low polygon Virtua Fighter style sections.

Mindgame trailer page, (streaming WMP 500k)

A Japan-only Mindgame promotional remix DVD is available. Also upcoming from the studio is an omnibus of nine animated shorts: GENIUS PARTY

More information: Studio 4°C | KojiMorimoto.net (Unofficial site)

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