2046: Travelling through space/time

The mystery surrounding Wong Kar-Wai’s long-awaited sci-fi-inflected 2046 will soon be revealed in a special preview of the finished feature (when screened at Cannes 2046 was still unfinished, a working print with audio and special effects shots still to be polished), and a Guardian interview with the director, at the National Film Theatre, London.

A sequel to Wong Kar-Wai’s masterpiece In The Mood For Love, 2046 is visually as lush as followers of the director have come to expect. The film is set in the hotel room from In the Mood for Love, Room 2046. A writer is inspired by the arrival of a woman to write a story where a train can transport passengers from the present into the future of 2046, and in travelling through time they retrieve lost memories. It continues Wong Kar-Wai’s favourite themes of love, memory and time passing.
Screening:31 August at the NFT (1830h), London

2046 official French site
Cannes Film Festival clips (inc. film scene & press conference)

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