Audi’s illusory drive

CGNetworks has a great article about the making of the latest Audi, a car company whose range actually matches the stylishness of their sleek moving image branding.

Created by Framestore Illusions’ features the Audi A6, and utilises some intense but subtle visual trickery to throw the viewer off-kilter. As the car weaves through Sao Paulo’s streets we gradually release it’s moving through a warped Escher-like landscape of impossible architecture. Director Anthony Atanasio worked with Framestore VFX supervisor Dan Cronin to create an exquisitely formed, optically-lush, micro-movie.

“Of the two weeks spent in Sao Paulo, the first was taken up with location scouting and the meticulous planning and groundwork necessary for the creation of the shots. “I’d already been down to the South Bank,” recalls Cronin, “Just to get a feel for the sort of material we were after. It was a little intimidating.” Anthony Atanasio had already worked up preliminary sketches in Photoshop, and continued to come up with ideas even as they flew out to Brazil. Indeed, it was an in-flight magazine image of Sao Paulo’s Pacaembu Stadium that gave him the location for the spot’s closing shots and final illusion.”
[Source: CGNetworks]

Illusion Quicktime movie [5M] | Framestore CFC effects house

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