Innocence comes closer

Innocence: Ghost in the Shell 2 has been building up anticipation ever since itan excellent reception at Cannes and a consequent Japanese opening. Scheduled for U.S. release in September 17, UK and Europe roll out a few months after this time (earliest territory opening appears to be France (December 1).

Director Oshii Mamoru, at the Cannes press conference:
“I’m interested in how far one can go with animation, and bringing my own personal reflections of life into it. I hope the subject will move the audience more as it is close to my own preoccupations. I want to push back the frontiers, and Innocence – or Ghost in the Shell 2 – is a formulation of these ideas. It has gone beyond the limits and given shape to my ideas.”

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  1. August 24

    While I can’t wait to see this movie in theatres I really can’t wait to have it sitting in my DVD collection.

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