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Marc Craste is featured in an online interview on making his award-winning animation, Jo Jo in the Stars, which goes from strength to strength on the global festival circuit, picking up Best Short Film at the International 3D Awards 2004 (other winners included Onimusha 3 for Best non-interactive 3D Game Cinematics).

“Jo Jo developed from an idea first explored in a series of mini-shorts that we ran on our website. There had been a good response to those, so we decided to explore the world we had created in a slightly longer format. But whereas the three shorts had been primarily exercises in atmospherics, with Jo Jo I wanted to try my hand at a reasonably coherent storyline and try to engage an audience that wasn’t specifically interested in animation per se. As for inspiration, I feel the film owes a lot to films like Eraserhead and Wings of Desire, and of course Tod Browing’s Freaks.”
[Source: CGNetworks]

Marc Craste | Jo Jo in the Stars

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  1. September 23

    Anyone know if the JoJo DVD comes with anything besides the main feature? Looks beautiful, but seems a lot to pay for twelve minutes of story. I sent email to the studio but never heard back with an answer.

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