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Inspired by Peter Saville’s iconic design of the Unknown Pleasures album by Joy Division, C505 have recreated a music video taking this signature style and applying it to vintage footage of the band playing on Granada Reports (which was a local Manchester TV programme). It takes a certain amount of design machismo to mess with seminal works such as this but the piece represents a bravura performance by the digital art/design group. Yoshi Sodeoka has been making varying types of sound toys for a while now, with previous incarnation C404, but currently motion is being foregrounded.

More digital artworks at c505

Project information at the site also has further info on the oversubscribed ASCII Bush Gallery project (see Turbulence).


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  1. “Shadowplay” by Joy Division, Reanimated

    ここのblogで知りました。 このblogは以前、ワープネタのときにトラックバックをくれたんですよ。 海外のblogからトラックバックもらうのは初めてだったので、ちょっと嬉しかったのを覚ã…

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