Beck dream robots, Hell Yes!

Garth Jennings of Hammer & Tongs is back in the promo saddle after his extended hitchhike into debut movie territory.

Beck video QRIO robots

His video for Beck’s Hell Yes! [RM/WMV streaming] features a quartet of Sony QRIO ‘dream robots’ in synchronized dance. Their metallic skins offset nicely with glowing purple-blue and green features while they perform on a pristine white stage for a sombre Japanese audience. Tech demo appropriated as pop promo.

Beck video QRIO robots Beck video QRIO robots

Robot choreography is awesome, with simple lensing allowing the idea to speak for itself. A quivering holographic Beck appears waving guitar halfway through vid, which spoils the purity of the concept somewhat (apparently this was shot separately by Spike Jonze). But it’s good to see Jennings is following up Marvin the Paranoid Android by showcasing these more diminutive creations.

More at MTV news.

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  1. Jorge Aranda
    May 6

    OMG i just want 2 know the name of the videclip where al dose great robot dance pls someone answer me pls pls pls!!!

  2. Matt.
    May 7

    jorge, calm down. the name of the Beck clip/track is ‘Hell Yes’.

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