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Whether you call them VJs (the old-school video jockey, which mainstreamers invariably confuse with MTV presenters), or DJs (new-styled digital jockeys, illustrating the move away from simply remixing analog sources such as tape and slide projection), DJ Magazine recently released a great list of the top 20 best VJs of 2005.

I’m glad to see personal favourites and old friends featured, including Stu and Robin of Hexstatic taking the top spot, and The Light Surgeons also in the top five.

Pleasantly surprised to see a good mix of VJ styles across the results, and a fairly international selection from such the magazine. The top ten breaks down like this:

  1. Hexstatic
  2. Addictive TV
  3. Eclectic Method
  4. The Light Surgeons
  5. VJ Anyone
  6. VJ Culture
  7. Cold Cut
  8. VJamm Allstars
  9. Yeastculture
  10. V Squared Labs

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