Deciding the best moving image of 2005

I’m preparing an unscientific list of the best moving image of the year. The criteria being impact, innovation, inventiveness and all-round visual awesomeness. It might help if it has a clever, or at least a capsule narrative, too!

I am often accused of having an over-analytical nature, and to confirm this I’m first musing on the categories I should include. This is a start:

  1. Best digital film
  2. Best music video
  3. Best machinima
  4. Best motion graphics
  5. Best mobile viewing
  6. Most innovative in video gaming
  7. Best interactive/installation
  8. Best VJ/live visuals
  9. Best generative/realtime film
  10. Best software/hardware
  11. MVP (Most valuable 2005 contribution from the above areas)
  12. Breakthrough artist of the year

I’m taking suggestions on what should be refined/changed? And also on suggestions in these categories. Please also take this as an opportunity to stop lurking, and start commenting!

I’ll draw up some shortlists soon based on my own, and any recommendations I receive.

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  1. arnold
    December 7

    Maybe make 10. broader. Like Best product to take in DVDs and other things to consume. Software and hardware sounds to narrow.

    I don’t know about some of these categories but i have some ideas

    Best digital film — king kong, this too blockbuster?
    Best music video — the denial twist white stripes
    Best machinima — need to check!
    Best motion graphics — ? i like the sony balls thing or the hewlett packard
    Best mobile viewing — 24 mobisodes
    Most innovative in video gaming — We Love Katamari
    Best interactive/installation — ?
    Best VJ/live visuals — EBN (the return)
    Best generative/realtime film — EBN (these 2 sound samey)
    Best software/hardware – if it is a product
    MVP (Most valuable 2005 contribution from the above areas)
    Breakthrough artist of the year- jamie lidell

  2. Kay Swiss
    December 7

    Yeah change to product, I would go with the Directors Label, Romanek.

    realtime film and live visuals maybe combine?

    best dig film, Appleseed,
    video game innovative – Lumines

  3. Matt.
    December 8

    Sony Balls is real not rendered.

    I like the suggestions so far, definitely some things to change.

    When i post the refinement list I bring 8and9 —
    Best VJ/live visuals
    Best generative/realtime film
    – – together (Best VJ/generative artist). and change 10 to best digital creativity product.

    Any more nominations for best digital film? Currently for best digital film I’m erring toward this shortlist:

    Immortel, Innocence Ghost in the Shell 2, Appleseed, King Kong

  4. progosk
    December 8

    Best machinima – that french democracy one (for relevancy)

  5. e t i e n n e
    December 10

    great blog!!!

    i suggest—

    hexstatic master view! for vj
    french democracy for machinima
    chemical brothers galvanise for MV director adam smith as breakthrough artist

    i think more about the others.

  6. white dahlia
    December 14

    Music videos I LOVE:
    bjork triumph of the heart
    beck e-pro
    lcd soundsystem tribulations
    white stripes blue orchit
    beck girl

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