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Adam Levite, AKA Associates in Science, was one of the first directors that came to mind when choosing the directors list for the upcoming music video book (and not because he once bought me lunch somewhere in Tribeca).

I asked Adam to answer the horribly obvious (horrible and obvious) question relating to best five videos in the last five years. And because I’m not using it in the main interview text to the book I thought I’d publish the answer:

  • Spike Jonze – Y Control, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Mark Romanek – 99 Problems, Jay-Z
  • Michel Gondry – Hardest Button to Button, The White Stripes
  • Chris Cunningham – Windowlicker, Aphex Twin (I didn’t allow him the companion pieces Come to Daddy, and Squarepusher’s Come on my Selector because everybody tries to do that)
  • Shynola – House of Jealous Lovers, The Rapture

Studiedly eclectic.

Indicative of the nicely unpretentious way the interviewees are responding to the book Adam also came up with this:

“I am a music geek and I have been for as long as I can remember. I have tried to only do videos for bands that I really like. And even though I do really like electronic music, I think it is better suited to animation and design solutions which I’m not that interested in. I like to shoot people and bands and shoot film.”

The performance video lives on! (as witnessed in his great C’Mere video for Interpol, pictured below)


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