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Yes, I am obsessed with lists right now.

So recently talking via Skype to Brand New School founder, Jonathan Notaro, and Creative Director, Jens Gehlhaar, I kind of found out their favorite 5 videos from 5 directors of the last 5 years.

The 5x5x5 goes something like this:

Gehlhaar: “You have to mention Michel Gondry, White Stripes, and Roman Coppola‘s Strokes videos. As far as rock videos are concerned, Shynola‘s Go With the Flow for Queens of the Stone Age, had everything a rock video has to have; sex, cars, guitars, psychedelia. I am also a big Tim Hope fan.”

Notaro: “I like Gondry‘s The Denial Twist a lot. Also, Dougal Wilson is great. There’s a good range of play in his work. You can tell he’s trying to find his voice.”

This is how I extrapolate this (I’m using writerly license):

  • ShynolaGo With the Flow, Queens of the Stone Age
  • Roman CoppolaHard to Explain, The Strokes
  • Tim HopeTrouble, Coldplay
  • Michel GondryThe Denial Twist, The White Stripes
  • Dougal WilsonFit But You Know It, The Streets

I’m sure the guys will correct me if I’m wrong!

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  1. January 27

    Hi, Im aa argentinian novice motion designer.
    And I’d be gratefull if you publish some links or the source of this five videos.
    Thanks very much

    PD: I’ve been watching Shinola’s work in their website! Its amazing!

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