Most innovative in video gaming 2005

The creators still pushing the videogame out of the comfort zone:

  • Lumines by Tetsuya Mizuguchi / Q Entertainment
  • Resident Evil 4 by Shinji Mikami / Capcom
  • The Movies by Peter Molyneux / Lionhead
  • Shadow of the Colossus by Fumito Ueda / SCEI
  • We Love Katamari by Keita Takahashi / Namco

My take on most original after all shortlists.

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  1. February 16

    Most innovative video game winner 2005

    With two young children I have little time to play video games anymore, and this has definitely heightened my demand for quality over quantity in terms of gameplaying. Therefore in my list for Most innovative in video gaming 2005, I was definitely fixa…

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