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Good to see some of my nominations made the final res 10 list in the latest res magazine. The full rundown:

It would have been nice to see some more emphasis on interactive design, product design, or even fine art, in the list, as well as some more geographic dispersal of talent, but overall the mix of moving image is as inspiring as ever.

I contributed the Martin de Thurah rundown for the res 10 feature. Good to be doing some writing for the mag again, as it was quite a few years ago since the last piece I wrote for them (which I think was an interview with Garth of Hammer & Tongs).

The res 10 exhibitions take place in various countries that are on the resfest tour. I’ll definitely be looking out for the UK edition.

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  1. filipe salgueiro
    July 13

    please can you help me choose a video effects dvd? i have a lounge bar and i have a new video projection and i want to buy some cool effects dvds to project them into a wall in my bar, but i dont know any names of cool dvd effects, not those basic effects, more cool effects like streets and lounge animations stuff like that…. tunel effects is an old one theres more… please help me ok? maybe i can buy it in FNAC store or something. i want to project those in my bar :) thankx

  2. Matt.
    August 2

    Hi Filipe

    Check this post out, as I think you can find what you are looking for here (make sure you have the right license though for public display rather than private viewing: Eternal Gaze //

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