Clouds over Dayton/Faris Sunshine


Little Miss Sunshine is the debut feature from U.S. music video A-list helmers Jonathan Faris and Valerie Dayton. While the feature hasn’t crossed the Atlantic yet (although it is playing at Edinburgh Film Festival’s Mirrorball strand), so I haven’t seen it play out, the trailer sent the metaphorical alarm bells ringing in my head.

Trailer plays sickly sweet and doesn’t seem to connect at all with their previous work. An example of the cinematic disconnect promo directors often suffer from when transferring to features? Even the cinematic visual power Jonathan Glazer always evoked in his MV and CF work hasn’t yet come through in his features, even if his narratives are playing well and seems to fit in with is previous work.

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  1. Isaac
    August 28

    Don’t judge a movie by its trailer.

  2. Matt.
    August 29

    Hi Isaac.

    I’m not judging the movie by the trailer. But what I am saying is the trailer doesn’t connect with their oeuvre, and if it is radically different from the film then this is another example of a feature being misrepresented for some kind of marketing purpose, which doesn’t help either the filmmakers or audiences…

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