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The new Amon Tobin website relaunches February 26 in time for a new album on March 6. The site currently features a luminous deep sea video teaser that offers great minimalism and power. Snatches of manta ray, squid, and jellyfish are fluidly animated and evocatively lit by Notice Bureau – who I’ll definitely be watching out for from now on.

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  1. […] Amon Tobin Goes Field Recording, New Music Watch Amon Tobin has launched a new website, full of floating sea creatures and a Star Trek:TNG-style Flash interface. (Via friend-of-Create Digital Motion Eternal Gaze.) The good news here is, if you dig in the Media section, you’ll hear some gorgeous new clips from his new album Foley Room, due out March 6. It seems Amon has been out with expensive microphones making nifty field recordings (hence, foley) and assembling them into a beautiful new record. I’m really eagerly looking forward to this one. More on it soon … […]

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