Oberhausen music video awards

Back from Oberhausen Int’l Short film festival, where I had a great time on the jury to decide winners for the music video awards. Although they showed an international selection, the awards were for German-qualifying videos only. We were very pleased with our prizewinners, the festival had a great atmosphere, and it’s run by some dedicated and enthusiastic staffers.

The winners of the 9th MuVi Award

The jury:
Tina Funk, Business Consultant, Berlin
Matt Hanson, writer and filmmaker, Brighton
Anne Hilde Neset, The Wire, London

The first prize, along with 2,500 euros, goes to:

Oliver Pietsch for Domin, libra nos (The Space Lady)

The video Domin, libra nos by Oliver Pietsch we chose as the winner because it is conceptually pure. Impactful. It illustrates that music video is a grown-up art form. It can be edgy and brutal, not just entertaining and fun.

The second prize, along with 1,500 euros, goes to:

Luigi Archetti und Bo Widget for I Have Seen You Dancing Better Than This (L. Archetti/B. Widget)

We, the jury, chose this film for its seductive simplicity and humour. It perfectly complements the beauty and sincerity of the music. The musicians, directing their own piece, add a new dimension to the music.

The third prize, along with 1,000 euros, goes to:

Mariola Brillowska for H.O.N.D. Aerobic (Felix Kubin)

What we liked about H.O.N.D. Aerobic was that it integrates performance art into the world of video clips in very humorous fashion and also its very graphic do-it-yourself aesthetics. Mariola Brillowska managed to develop her own refreshing and wonderfully bizarre visual language.

The MuVi Online Audience Award, along with 500 Euro, goes to:

Norbert Heitker for 1., 2., 3. (Bela B. featuring Charlotte Roche)

The winner of the MuVi Online Audience Award is chosen by Internet users who cast their votes at www.muvipreis.de (in co-operation with www.bunch.tv, www.intro.de and ARTE Tracks), www.myvideo.de/special/muvi.html and www.t-online.de/kurzfilmtage. The winner received 1,456 of the more than 4,000 votes.

Thanks to the festival director, Lars Henrik Gass, as well as Hans-Christian Grimm and Jessica Manstetten, who made up the selection committee for the music video programmes. And Stefan Hahn who organised my panel participation.

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