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I’ve just recently completed an essay to be included in the upcoming monograph Modern Living: The Graphic Universe of Han Hoogerbrugge, a book on this pioneering flash animator’s work. The book will be published later this year through BIS Publishers in cooperation with SubmarineChannel.

It’s given me a chance to reengage and fully explore Hoogerbrugge’s work again, as I haven’t been in contact with him since writing my contributions for the On Air: MTV book. I suggest you indulge in the interactive narratives of Hotel and other pieces on his website when you’ve got a few spare cycles. Hans is definitely seeding his own fertile territory in moving image, and lives up to the billing of being an ‘Actionscript Auteur’ as I call him in my provisionally titled piece, Flipping out and Floating Away.


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  1. Shan
    March 14

    Dear Gaze..
    I am a postgraduate student of National Taiwan Normal University.
    My name is Shan.
    This is my school webpage http://en.ntnu.edu.tw/
    I like Hoogerbrugge art works very much, therefore I research his works and let it be my studying object of thesis.

    I search information about Hoogerbrugge on net ,and find your bolg.
    May I share your essay and any related information about him?
    I will make a footnote of the reference source in my thesis.
    I anticipate your reply very much. ^_^

    Your sincerely.

  2. March 15

    Hi Shan

    Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve sent you a preview copy of the essay. Please only use this for reference — you can use extracts for your thesis no problem. I hope it is useful for you.

    Love Taipei BTW. I experienced some very vibrant culture/nightlife there.

    – Matt

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