Spike Jonze boots up Kanye West

Spike Jonze co-directed video with Kanye West (who gets the music artist vanity credit), for the rap artist’s Flashing Lights video. With new album replete with Takashi Murakami cover image for Graduation, Kanye West plunders pop sensibilities both sonically and visually. You can’t go wrong drafting in Jonze to add an instant edgy tone to a deliberately obtuse video (Jonze is a master of these).

Clip features slo-mo of an apparent female assassin ditching and flaming her clothes (purely for forensic reasons (!) in remote locale, then returns to trunk, opening it only to kiss a gagged West before delivering a coup de grace with shovel. Pop promo seems made to be shunned by mainstream outlets, so as to get a lot of love online. With only one extended scene it only serves to wet the appetite for what Jonze could do directing a thriller.

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