Wong Kar Wai burns up

wong kar wai aurea
Philips Aurea gets a dazzlingly oblique short by Wong Kar-Wai. I remember interviewing WKW behind his trademark dark glasses back in the Nineties at the ICA, London, he told me I was too young, I told him he was too stylistic (can you believe that?). Now both of us are wrong.

There’s Only One Sun is an oblique, luminous Wong Kar Wai short that is impossible to deciper on first viewing. I love the cinema of the sensational, the irrational, the emotional. So don’t try and make it logical. But as much as I want to love the Aurea I can’t help feeling something is holding me back. Same feeling in the WKW short. It’s like with this, and My Blueberry Nights he’s becoming too self-conscious. Maybe what we need is to see another two week project like Chungking Express, rather than overthinking long epics. Still, pretty darn seductive though.

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