Cinematic Orchestra double fade

The Cinematic Orchestra

CR Blog has an exclusive first-look at maxi-promo/short film for The Cinematic Orchestra, directed by Up the Resolution. Poignant, beautifully shot short film hybrid. Elegiac memory fragments, punctuated by black fade lacunae.

We were initially approached by Vez, commissioning on behalf of Ninja Tune, to submit two separate animated treatments for The Cinematic Orchestra tracks, To Build a Home and Breathe.

We’d worked with Vez and Ninja Tune before on the promo for Coldcut track, Sound Mirrors, and that video persuaded them we’d be right to pitch something on these tracks which have a similar mood and atmosphere. The difference was a much tighter schedule, and whilst Sound Mirrors was done in down time over a year, both these videos had to be delivered in a fraction of the time so a different approach was called for. We also needed to come up with something different stylistically so we wouldn’t repeat ourselves; working on such low budget six minute promos can only ever really be a labour of love, but they can also be good opportunities to suggest new styles or ideas to clients who are receptive to taking chances.

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