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More Akira news… Although I posted on the Kanye West/Spike Jonze video for Flashing Lights only recently, I haven’t really been a fan of West up to now (although Chris Milk who I interviewed for Remixing Music Video, has made some great clips for him), suffering as he does from typical rap star pomposity. However Flashing Lights, and the Stronger video (Youtube embedded here) twist him in a direction that really connects to a larger cinematic zone.
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Long been a fan of Garth Jennings and the Hammer & Tongs brand of whimsy married with technical innovation. So it is great to see Son of Rambow, their first film which wasn’t (while ready to go on this quirky pic, the guys got the offer to do Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which they couldn’t turn down), gearing up for release. End of April/early May for UK and US. Trailer gives you some indication as to the way they’ve captured childhood anarchy, brio and charm.

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