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deadleaves animated film

With a lurid superkinetic feel provided by Imaitoonz, Dead Leaves is an accelerated audiovisual thrill-ride animé. Taking lavish influence from Japanese mecha, anthropomorphism, and computer-game intros, this new-wave animated feature film has been a recent hit at selected Asian film festivals including Resfest Japan, and Tokyo animé expo. Its primary-coloured delights should hit European animation festivals this year…

Official site | Trailer [QT 12.5M]

“Pandy and Retro, partners in crime, are finally arrested on numerous charges and sent to the infamous maximum-security prison ‘Dead Leaves’, where the galaxy’s craziest have been locked up for good.

Once confined, Pandy and Retro are amazed to see the freak show that goes on within the prison and realize that many of the inmates are clones born from a curious experiment conducted by the governor of the prison. Realizing that they don’t have much of a chance of survival staying in Dead Leaves, they plan to leave.

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